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The Wire Zipper TM will turn your trash into cash. Stop throwing away insulated wire! Instead, use our wire stripper to separate the insulation from #1 bright copper wire. The Wire Zipper fits right into the new "GO GREEN" movement which is essential in this economy.

The value of #1 bright copper wire is 4-5 times that of insulated wire. If you normally sell your insulated wire to a salvage yard, you know that The Wire Zipper TM will pay for itself in no time!

The Wire Zipper TM is also great for the environment. If you throw away a handful of wire at the end of each day (approx. 1000 lbs. a year), it goes to landfills which is not good for the environment. If you junk the wire with insulation intact, it may undergo a burning process which has a definite negative effect on the atmosphere. Using The Wire Zipper TM eliminates the need for wire to be dumped into landfills or be burned. It will be recycled. Do your part to help save the atmosphere and the ecosystem - remove the insulation, recycle the wire and reap the rewards. In some areas, even the insulation can be recycled.

The Wire Zipper TM is simple to use. Slide wire into proper insert, pull down handle until the latch locks and then pull wire through the insert. The wire now has a slit down the center. Just separate and zip it apart. Read more about how it works.

Makes a great gift for the contractor, electrician, maintenance mechanic, salvager, demolisher, hobbyists and crafters.


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